3 Common Pediatric Foot Problems

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From the time babies are born to when they are young adults, their bodies go through an enormous amount of change. With so many changes, sometimes it is difficult to tell what is normal and what conditions require professional help. The following are 3 common pediatric conditions, some of which are important to detect early to prevent more serious problems down the line.

  1. Flatfoot – Most babies have flat feet from birth because of their fatty foot pads, a fact that many parents may not notice until they begin to stand. By around age 6, most children’s feet will have developed arches. If it persists, or you notice that it’s only on one foot, or the child experiences pain or discomfort while walking, consult a podiatrist. Treatment can include orthotics in shoes, stretching exercises, bracing, casting, or surgical procedures.
  2. Club foot – Club foot is a condition in which the foot is rotated inward or downward. In most cases it is congenital, and is the most common non-deadly major birth defect. If treated from birth, or before the child walks, the chances of improving function and stability increases greatly. Treatment usually involves serial casting, in which the foot is positioned in small increments.
  3. In-toeing & Out-toeing – When children begin walking, it is common for their feet to point inwards (in-toeing) or outwards (out-toeing). Despite an unusual gait, there is usually little cause for concern as most children outgrow this and develop normally. If it does not resolve on its own, orthotics or special shoes may be used for treatment.

As is with any doctor for your child, you want the most qualified and experienced podiatrist to diagnose and treat your child’s foot problems. Here at Houston Foot & Ankle Care, board-certified foot care specialist Dr. Gabriel Maislos has been serving patients all over Harris and Fort Bend Counties. Whether you are concerned about your child’s feet, or you have heel pain or foot ulcers, Dr. Maislos is qualified to address any foot and ankle condition. Please contact us or call (713) 541-3199 to make an appointment today!


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