Benefits of Physical Therapy

When people hear physical therapy, they may think of athletes who underwent surgery or had a major injury. However, physical therapy can be applied to a wide range of foot and ankle conditions and can even help to reduce chances of surgery.

Physical therapists are licensed professionals who have extensive knowledge of body function and can help patients manage and improve their conditions and mobility. They work closely with each individual patient to come up with a tailored treatment plan to reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and flexibility, and prevent conditions from worsening. Some common conditions that can be treated or improved through physical therapy include:

Treatment may involve prescribing stretching exercises using ultrasound and other modern technologies to reduce pain and inflammation, or strengthening muscles and supporting structures in the feet. Some patients find that physical therapy allows them to avoid more drastic treatments like surgery. Other patients are able to recover and regain movement more quickly with physical therapy.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, physical therapy may serve to be an effective part of your treatment plan. First, it is important to see a skilled board-certified foot care specialist to help diagnose your problems. At Houston Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Gabriel Maislos and his team of dedicated staff are passionate about foot care and each patient’s comfort. Dr. Maislos has numerous certifications to keep him up to date in the field of podiatry and has treated patients all over the Southwest Houston area. If you are looking for quality foot and ankle care, please contact us or call us at (713) 541-3199 to schedule an appointment today!

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