Bunions: Everything You Need to Know

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A bunion is a type of deformity that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. Its appearance is that of a bony bump. As a result, the big toe starts pointing towards the smaller second toe creating an awkward angle. The bunion formation also leads to the thickening of tissues and skin near the joint, which can result in inflammation, swelling and intense pain. In certain cases, a fluid filled sack known as a ‘bursa’ forms over the joint.
Bunions are caused when the joint at the bottom of the big toe becomes deformed. This deformity is referred to as a hallux valgus. The cause of this particular deformity is generally unknown and has been attributed to a genetic weakness in the patient’s joins. In some cases, it has been associated with bone-joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.
Bunions can become problematic and painful when wearing shoes because the skin on the joint rubs against the surface. Bunions can also cause the toes to realign causing further discomfort and pain. Walking also become quite difficult with bunions.

Bunion Treatment

There are primarily two kinds of treatment for bunions. They are:
• Replacing footwear: Patient’s suffering from bunions can ease the discomfort and pain by simply changing their footwear. Though this does not permanently cure the condition, it can alleviate the symptoms. Patients are generally advised to go in for footwear that is roomy and accommodating. Shoes that have straps or lace are preferred as they can be adjusted to get the proper fit. Tight, pointed or high-heeled footwear must be avoided at all times.
• Surgery: If changing footwear does not help, experts advise that surgery may be the next best option. There are different surgical approaches to fix the issue of bunions. Some procedures involve just trimming the joint, while more drastic ones involve replacing the big toe joint completely using an artificial substitute. The other common procedure is known as an ‘osteotomy’, where the bone itself is cut in order to alter the alignment or reduce length. This surgery should be conducted by a podiatric surgeon like Dr. Maislos at Houston Foot and Ankle Care.

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