Do I Have a Corn, Callus, or Wart?

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It’s often difficult for patients to tell the difference between skin-related problems of the feet. Sometimes corns, calluses and warts are mistaken for one another. All three of these conditions require different treatment, so it is important to visit a podiatrist at the onset of a foot problem before taking matters into your own hands with over-the-counter remedies.

In order to properly diagnose skin-related foot problems, a podiatrist will perform an examination where he or she will determine the issue. For example, many patients may think that they have a callus or corn, when it is actually a wart. A podiatrist will scrape away some of the tissue in the affected area. By doing so, the doctor is able to see if the skin is removed with ease, or if it bleeds. Warts have a bleeding pattern, and calluses and corns do not bleed. After a board-certified podiatrist has made a diagnosis, the proper course of treatment may be assigned.

Treatment for Calluses

  • Most calluses may go away on their own
  • Calluses can be shaved down with exfoliating tools and products
  • Deep-moisturizing lotions
  • Regular pedicures can prevent calluses from thickening

Treatment for Corns

  • Over-the-counter moleskin pads, when properly applied may reduce friction and pressure on corns
  • If corns become infected, oral antibiotic medications may be prescribed
  • Deeply infected corns may have to be opened and drained in a small in-office procedure
  • In extreme cases, surgery may be an option. However, surgically removing the corn will not guarantee it won’t form again

Treatment for Warts

  • Plantar and Palmer warts commonly affect the bottom of feet
  • Over-the-counter medications are effective only 50% of the time
  • A podiatrist can freeze off warts with liquid nitrogen, or remove the wart through a minimally invasive procedure involving a laser
  • Some podiatrists will inject medication into the wart to strengthen the immune system so the body can destroy the wart naturally

Do You Have a Problem with Your Feet? Contact Dr. Maislos, Houston Podiatrist for Treatment.

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