FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira out due to broken foot

FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira is expected to miss about six to eight weeks due to a broken foot during a preseason exhibition.  With the right care and precautions, his broken foot can be healed so that he plays soccer again.  A broken foot is a common injury among athletes.  The seriousness of a broken foot depends on the type and severity of the fracture that you might have.  A severely broken foot may require surgery and a not so severe fracture might require casting, pain medications, and weight bearing exercises to bring back the bone to its fullest strength and potential.  Come visit your Houston podiatrist at Houston Foot and Ankle Care if you have suffered from a broken foot.  We have all the required treatment to properly heal your foot.  From x-rays to physical therapy that are done conveniently in our office, we have it all!  Schedule your appointment today!

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