Fungal Toenails Remedy

Nail infection is a complex problem because if can start in some people because of family history of susceptibility, increasing age, poor health, nail trauma, climate (warm and moist), and exposure to infected nails in places such as sports/fitness centers, communal bathing areas, and nail salons.  Since they’re so close to the ground, our feet are probably also exposed to more fungal diversity than other parts of our body.

Houston podiatrist, Dr. Gabriel Maislos offers the Pinpointe laser treatment which kills the fungus that lives in and underneath the toenail.  The laser passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail and surrounding skin.  When the laser light is absorbed through the nail, it causeus the pigment in the organisms to heat.  This heat kills the fungal organisms underneath and around the toenail.  Although results are not instantaneous, patients will see that the new toenail that grows out is clear and fungus free.  It is the most recommeded treatment for fungal toenails because it is painless and it does not contain the risks of oral medications and easily outperforms topical creams and oral medications.,0,7966628.story

Click to see one of our patients’ talk about how the PinPointe laser treatment clear her toenails:

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