Get Your Toenails Ready for the Spring!

Danipro is the first and only rich, luxurious, and chip-resistant nail polish containing an anti-fungal elements that have been FDA approved to kill the bacterial organisms that cause toenails fungus.  Danipro nail polish was created by a Podiatrist, and has been successfully tested for smoothness, texture, and color!

Danipro Nail Polish contains ingredient Undecylenic Acid, approved by the FDA as an anti-fungal ingredient, proven to effectively fight organisms that cause toenail fungus.  Conceal yellow toenails while still getting rid of toenail fungus.  We have a variety of colors for everyone’s liking.  Get your toenails for spring weather and ready to slip into those cute sandals.  Danipro nail polish is safe for everyone, including kids and pregnant women because it does not contain those hazardous chemicals that the typical nail polish has.

No appointment needed to purchase Danipro Nail polish at Houston Foot And Ankle Care! 

Also, remember if you see that your toenails are discolored and think it might be just trauma to the nail and not toenail fungus, call our office and make and appointment with Houston Podiatrist Dr. Gabriel Maislos.

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