Happy Holidays from Houston Foot and Ankle Care

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and celebration!

It’s that time of year again, when Houston can’t decide whether to stay “wintry” or swing back towards warmer weather. Or is it the other way around? It doesn’t matter…It’s the holiday season, and that’s what’s on our minds at Houston Foot and Ankle Care! We’re excited about the special significance of the season, and the opportunity we get to share time with friends, family, and you – the best patients in the world.

We know that the holidays are an especially busy time of year for everyone. As the days tick down to the end of the year, you’ll be pulled in all directions to get things done in time. From hunting down last-minute gifts to attending and endless array of parties – the pressure can be overwhelming. Make a commitment to take care of yourself during the holidays to make the most of every moment.

Tips for taking care of yourself during the holidays:

  1. Enjoy yourself – The key here is giving yourself permission to do what you want to do… that may mean sleeping in one day, turning down a party invitation without feeling guilty, or even remolding traditions to celebrate in your own unique way . You don’t always have to feel compelled to do things a certain way.
  2. Take time to cherish the holidays – It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and realize too late that you didn’t particularly experience the holidays that you were imagining. You do that by identifying moments that you want to fully experience, and you let them sink in. You can start by appreciating the sights, smells and flavors of the holidays at gatherings with loved ones. You can also set aside time to share a favorite activity: watch a holiday movie, attend spiritual services, take in a cultural activity – it can be anything that marks a special time alone or with people you care about. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the season.
  3. Don’t Over-indulge (too much) – This is a tough one…everywhere we turn there is temptation, in the form of holiday goodies, tasty beverages (including alcohol), and so much more. For those on vacation, it’s even tempting to binge watch complete runs of a favorite TV show on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. But go overboard, and this can take a toll on our bodies and energy levels. Giving in to these temptations may be fun within reason, but they can also prevent us from eating healthy and being fully rested. This can lower your immune system and make you more prone to illness. For patients with diabetic foot problems, nerve problems and circulation issues, this can also cause complications. And we all know that’s not on your wishlist this year!

From Dr. Gabriel Maislos and the entire staff at Houston Foot and Ankle Care, we sincerely wish you the happiest of holidays! We thank you for supporting our podiatry practice in 2016, and we look forward to being your Houston podiatrist of choice in the years to come. Our office will continue to be open during the holidays, so if you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at (713) 541-3199 to schedule an appointment.

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