Happy Thanksgiving

We know that today, you’re probably busy enjoying time with family, friends, old traditions and new experiences. Whether you are gathered in the kitchen, around a table, or in front a television, it’s a day that is celebrated in so many ways. But we believe in giving thanks, and wanted to express our gratitude to you directly.

Thanks to our patients, whose support has been instrumental in the growth of our podiatry practice for 14 years. We value every one of you, and do our best every day to deliver the best care possible. Thank you for your trust.

Thanks to our office staff, an amazing team of professionals who make our office fun and friendly, while maintaining the highest standards for patient-focused service. Some members of our team have been here for years, and others are fairly new, but each one has proven to be an asset to the office. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.

Thanks to the city of Houston. This year, we all were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in some way or another. When the storm hit, we all experienced a terrible uncertainty about how we’d deal with the devastation. But Houstonians rose to the occasion by helping anyone and everyone – friends, neighbors, and strangers – through weeks of recovery. We truly became #HoustonStrong. At this very moment, people brought together after Harvey will be sharing a Thanksgiving meal. Thank you for your generosity an compassion.

There are acts of love and generosity that we can never repay. But appreciation and gratitude are powerful. Through them, we tell those around us that we value who they are and what they do. And they are a reminder that hope shines strong all around us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Houston Foot and Ankle

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