Houston Podiatrist Gabriel Maislos Featured on Memorial Hermann Interview

Houston podiatrist Gabriel Maislos, DPM, FACFAS, was recently invited to participate in a Facebook Live Q&A session hosted by Memorial Hermann. He was asked to share tips with the online audience regarding the hidden dangers of the nail salon.

Dr. Maislos started by listing out some of the biggest “red flags” to look out for in a nail salon – things that all customers should look out for to determine if the establishment is taking unnecessary health risks. These include three primary categories:

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“At my Houston podiatry practice, we see a lot of patients who have developed all types of problems because the nail salons they frequent did not operate at the highest standards for hygiene,” says Dr. Maislos. “Some of these establishments are among the so-called ‘high-end’ nail salons, but they’ve failed customers by not implementing all the measures designed to prevent infection, cross-contamination and other issues.”

Dr. Maislos adds that the most common problems at nail salon are bacterial infections, fungal infections, small wounds from improper use of sharp instruments to treat ingrown toenails and cuticles (which can lead to other serious infections), the use of acetone and other chemicals that can cause asthma, and exposure to possible carcinogens including the UV lamps used for curing gel or shellac.

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