How Are Bunions Treated?

Bunions form at the base of the big toe joint. Over time, the toe begins to point inward against the smaller toes, putting a strain on the joint of the toe. The skin that covers the joint may become red, sore, raw and irritated. Bunions are considered painful, and can negatively impact the way a person walks. When treated early on, bunions may respond well to conservative methods, however, in extreme cases surgery may be required to rest the position of the big toe. To follow is a look at the different types of treatment options available to patients suffering from bunions.

Conservative Methods for Treating Bunions

Nonsurgical treatments  for bunions often alleviate pain, but do not entirely correct the issue.

Surgical Methods for Treating Bunions

When conservative methods have  been exhausted and pain and other symptoms persist, it may be time to consider bunion surgery. Bunion surgery returns the joint to normal function, and can be performed a variety of different ways. A board-certified podiatrist will determine which method is best suited for each individual patient as bunion deformities are often unique.

Different bunion surgery techniques may include any of the following:

After bunion surgery, narrow shoes are to be avoided to keep bunions from coming back. Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may walk immediately after the procedure, or require the use of crutches.

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