How Can Laser Toenail Treatment Help You

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Toenail fungal infections are very common causes of developing deformed toenails or thick and yellow or discolored toenails. These infections progress gradually but steadily, and increasingly damage your toenails. Often, it is difficult to even notice that an infection has set in until it progresses quite a bit. One of the reasons is that the problem does not usually cause pain. However if diagnosed early enough, the infection can be treated through medication alone. In extreme cases, toenails may have to be removed. There is also another treatment option available: laser toenail treatment.

What You Should Know Regarding Laser Toenail Treatment

  • Alternative to painful surgeries: Earlier, painful surgeries that would require several days of healing post surgery were needed to battle severe cases of toenail fungus. This treatment, however, lasts for less than 45 minutes. Further, there is no recovery period involved. You can resume your regular activities as soon as the treatment finishes. This treatment is also a better and quicker alternative to using medications.
  • How it works: The laser is designed to kill the fungus that has infected your toenail, without causing any damage to your nail or affecting the surrounding skin. Usually, one treatment session is sufficient. However, in extreme cases, multiple sessions may be needed. During the treatment, you may experience some amount of warmth in your toes.
  • Results: While the fungus dies right away, you will only see an improvement in your nail after some time, which depends on the extent of the damage. Only after the nail grows out again will you be able to see the full results. However, after the treatment, it is essential to care for your toes and feet properly to prevent a re-infection. If you want to use nail polish after the treatment, feel free to do so. Anti-fungal nail polish is recommended.

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