How to Select Children’s Shoes

Watching babies grow up into walking and talking children is an amazing experience. You can see the joy and excitement in their eyes as they take their first walk, run, and jump. Parents are always concerned with what types of shoes to get their little ones, so here are things to keep in mind:


If your baby isn’t walking yet, shoes aren’t necessary indoors since being barefoot is beneficial for their musculoskeletal development. For outdoors, you can look for thin, soft-soled shoes that are comfortable and flexible.

Toddler and up

Once your toddler has mastered walking, it is important that their feet are protected and supported. The toe box should be rounded for ample space, and the material should be breathable and flexible like canvas, cloth, or leather. Although it is tempting to get larger sizes, it is important to get the size that currently fits.

When buying shoes:

Children’s feet continue to grow through their teenage years so it is important to take notice of how they are walking. Some toe walking is common for new walkers, but if you notice persistent toe-walking, in-toeing, or flatfoot beyond toddler years, it is important to see a foot care specialist like Dr. Gabriel Maislos at Houston Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Maislos is a highly respected board-certified podiatrist who serves patients all across the Houston area and is known for his experience and skills in treating all types of foot and ankle conditions. If you have questions about your child’s foot health, or experience foot or ankle pain, please make an appointment today!

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