Kelly Osbourne and Importance of Comfortable Shoes

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Comfortable shoes are a must, whether you are walking the red carpet, or at a friends’ birthday party.  It is always important to have comfortable shoes so that your feet don’t have to suffer later or in the long run.  Some complications of wearing uncomfortable shoes include foot pain, bunions, swelling, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and even Achilles tendonitis.  Kelly Osbourne advises on the importance of wearing comfortable shoes.

Pamper your feet: “Always pack a pair of ballet flats in your handbag because by the end of the night your feet are killing you. You want to keep going but you can’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go home early because my feet hurt and I haven’t had a pair of shoes to change into. Don’t let your footwear ruin your good time,” she said.

As Kelly Osbourne stated, “Do not let your footwear ruin your good time.”  Wear comfortable shoes that have enough cushion and padding for your feet.  Also for the more fashion conscious, come check out our shoe store which is located right inside our clinic.  All of our shoes come with the memory foam like Lynco insert that provides better body alignment, balance distribution of weight, increased stability, shock absorption, reduced joint stress, and comfort and protection that all of our Aetrex shoes provide.  No appointment necessary to see our shoes and catalog available upon request.  If you have been experiencing foot pain, do not hesitate to call Houston Podiatrist Dr. Gabriel Maislos.

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