Kirsten Stewart’s Foot Injury

Kristen Stewart suffered from a foot injury while doing reshoots on the movie set of Breaking Dawn.  She got a punctured wound while filming a hunting scene.

“I wasn’t trying to have ultimate swag when I walked out — I hurt my foot,” Stewart told Leno. “I wasn’t trying to get out of wearing heels either. Puncture wound, promise!” 

Puncture wounds are most common during the summer days when people opt to go barefoot while out on the beach or around the pool.  A puncture wound can be caused by small pointed objects, such as a really think splinter or nail that one might have accidentally stepped on.  If left untreated or not treated properly, it can easily turn into an infection.  If you have a punctured wound on the bottom of the foot, then you should immediately call your podiatrist, or foot and ankle surgeon, to make sure that it gets properly cleaned and also to remove any other foreign objects that could possibly get stuck on the wound.  Failure to do so might lead to an infection and foot pain.  The long summer days are on their way and feeling the hot sand underneath your feet is the best.  So make sure to prevent a possible foot infection, please call your Houston Foot And Ankle Podiatrist Dr. Gabriel Maislos to schedule your next appointment.  Let us take care of your feet and get them ready for sandal season!

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