Laser Treatment for Beautiful Feet

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Do you have embarrassing, irritating or painful toenail fungus? Is it preventing you from going to the beach or enjoying warm weather? If you suffer from fungal toenails, you’re not alone. And with summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to do something about your unpleasant toenail fungus. With the latest in technology, you can reclaim your toenail and eliminate uncomfortable toenail fungus without the use of anesthetics or oral medications. With PinPointe FootLaser, you can safely treat your nail fungus while significantly reducing nail infection. PinPointe FootLaser is said to be 81% effective. That being said, you can now treat your toenail infections more conveniently and comfortably with this laser treatment.

How Does PinPointe FootLaser Work?

PinPointe FootLaser is a patented laser technology used to kill the pathogens that cause toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis. The specially designed laser beam goes through the nail and safely reduces the infection in the nail bed that causes toenail fungus. It is FDA cleared to treat toenail fungus and has been through a significant amount of clinical research, as well.

Advantages of PinPointe FootLaser include:
• Safe
• No side effects
• Does not harm the nail or skin
• Painless, needing no anesthesia
• Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately
• Highly effective

With no effect on your healthy tissue, PinPointe FootLaser treatment is not painful. There is minimal discomfort experienced during the procedure and no painful after effects. Treating nail fungus safely, PinPointe FootLaser does not require the use of medication and anesthesia. Your toenail will not become instantly clear because it may take six to nine months for the nail to grow out and take the fungus with it, but it is the beginning to healthy, fungus free feet.

Prevent Toenail Fungus from Developing

A toenail infection, or onychomycosis, is one of the most common infections of the foot. Toenail fungus is often characterized by the thickening of your toenail plate, debris under the toenail, a lifting of the leading edge of the nail, and a change in nail color. When it comes to protecting your feet and nails from harmful infections, prevention is key. The following tips are important to consider when avoiding toenail fungus:

• Practice good hygiene and inspect feet and toes regularly
• Try not to injure your nail by cutting it too short, as trauma to the nail may lead to infection
• Wear moisture wicking socks
• Wear dry, proper-fitting shoes that allow air to circulate around your feet
• Wear shower sandals when you are at a public pool or shower

If left untreated, a fungal infection can lead to your other toenails, the skin on your feet and even to your fingernails. In severe cases, the infection may even impair your ability to walk or it may lead to painful ingrown toenails. It is important to always seek care from your podiatrist when you notice any sign of an infection.

With proper consultation, your Houston podiatrist can educate you about the available treatmentsfor your toenail fungus. PinPointe FootLaser is a painless and safe treatment for your toenail fungus. Take a step in the right direction and visit your podiatrist today to eliminate your painful toenail infection.

Leading podiatrist in Houston, Dr. Gabriel Maislos, is board certified in addition to maintaining several foot and ankle related certifications in an effort to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in technology. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Gabriel Maislos brings quality podiatric care to a new level, providing care for heel pain, bunions, hammertoes and laser toenail fungus in Houston.


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