Motley Crue Vince Neil Foot Fracture

hTe Tour’ came to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio last night and before Kiss or Motley Crue could take the stage, the trouble began. Vince Neil fractured two bones in his left foot and was seen limping around the stage from the very first song. After the show, he confirmed his foot was hurting.

“Cleveland tonight. Paramedic’s think I broke my foot. I hope not. Getting X-ray tomorrow in Toronto. Thanks Cleveland for understanding,” Neil typed on Twitter immediately after his set. He included a picture of his swollen left foot, before updating fans as to his condition today.

“To my fans- Thnxs 4 ur support. I have 2 fractured bones. The show must go on!! I’m sorry I won’t be able to give you the show you deserve!”

The band has a show in Toronto, Ontario tonight before dates in New York and Massachusetts over the weekend. Afterward he’ll have to grit through six more shows. It’s not yet clear how Neil hurt himself.

Foot fractures are very common, since we walk on them 24 hours/7 days a week.  The treatment for foot fractures depend on the severity of the fracture.  Common temporary treatments can include the use of crutches, a walker boot, keeping the foot elevated, and cold packs.  (Unfortunately, rocking out on stage is not one of them)  Although these treatments can help you from further injuring the fractured foot, it is important to find out the severity of the fracture through a visit to your local Houston podiatrist.  Types of foot fractures can include a calcaneal or heel fracture, metatarsal fracture (fracture of the long bones of the foot), phalanges foot fractures (toe fracture), and talus fracture (talus is the bone at the base of the ankle.)  Through the use of x-rays, conveniently done in our office, Dr. Gabriel Maislos will be able to diagnose and treat the specific type of foot fracture that meets your special needs.  Do not wait on your fracture to heal on its own.  The best treatment is to get the proper and adequate treatment as soon as possible.  For such emergencies, Houston Foot And Ankle Care offer same day appointments.  There are no excuses for getting the specialized treatment that you deserve!  Call Houston Foot And Ankle Care to schedule your next appointment today!

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