New York Yankees Shortstop May Need Surgery on Broken Ankle

New York Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter reportedly will visit a foot and ankle specialist in Charlotte, N.C., in the coming days to determine whether he will need surgery to repair the broken ankle he sustained in Saturday’s ALCS Game 1. Jeter, according to multiple media reports, underwent more tests Sunday in New York on the broken left ankle

“It’s possible,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said of surgery, according to the New York Post.”That’s why they are having more tests.” In the wee hours Sunday morning, after Jeter sustained the injury, the indication was that he wouldn’t need surgery, but that changed later in the day, the Post reported.

“When I went back there, the doctor said, ‘I am not saying you are going to need (surgery), but the next tests will determine if you need it,” Girardi said. A CT Scan and MRI exam Sunday confirmed that the ankle was broken on the play in the 12th inning of Saturday’s Game 1 loss to the Detroit Tigers. He is in a splint and on crutches; whether he has surgery or not, Jeter, 38, is expected to need up to three months to recover from the injury.

The Yankees manager said that a conversation with Jeter on Sunday morning revealed him to be “in good spirits.’

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