Olympic Games- Radcliff’s Reoccurring Foot Pain

Paula Radcliffe has suffered from a reoccurring foot injury, and although it has not stopped her from participating in the Olympic Games.  “The joint in my foot that can give me trouble has been giving me a bit of a problem,” Radcliff says in regards to her foot pain.  While she said her foot has been causing her pain, she did not believe it would affect her participation at the Games, where she will again aim for the elusive Olympic medal.  Sometimes foot pain can be easily dismissed as being a simple issue that might not require medicine and will go away by tomorrow.  There are other times that the pain can be persistent and you will need to visit your local podiatrist (foot doctor) in order to find the root to the pain.  It is important to keep your feet in tiptop shape because they are the foundation to our well-being.  If you are experiencing foot pain or any other type of sensation in your feet, schedule an appointment with your local Houston podiatrist Dr. Gabriel Maislos, so that we can properly diagnosed your pain and help you get faster to the finish line.


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