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Common foot problems caused by the use of high heels include bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, corns, and calluses.  Some women are even having plastic surgery done to their feet just so that they can be able to walk in their cute pair of four-inch high heels.  Most common are corns and calluses which are thickened layers of skin that usually occurs on top or sides of the foot and bunions which are not necessarily caused by high heels but can sure be aggravated by daily use of them.  Check out our selection of high heels for all occasions that are going to make your feet feel as if you are walking on a cloud.  All of our shoes have a special insert that is thick and custom molded to help alleviate the pressure points of your feet.  Every pair of high heels come with a built-in shaped foot bed for superior arch and for your optimal support, they contain also contain memory foam cushion.  Come see our great selection at Houston Podiatrist Dr. Gabriel Maislos’s office.


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