Spring Foot Care For Summer Fun

The birds start chirping, the flowers begin to bloom, and soon it will be sandal season. The cool, dry winter weather can take a toll on feet. Since they’re always covered, feet are often neglected during the harsh months of winter. This neglect leads to dry, cracked heels, corns, and calluses. With a good springtime foot care routine, anyone can be ready for summer in no time.

Restore Winter-weary Feet

Keep An Eye Out For Foot Issues

After a long winter, stuffed away in dark socks and boots, feet sometimes need extra attention due to issues that arose. If any of these issues are experienced, it’s recommended to speak to a podiatrist in Houston, TX.

Need Help Getting Feet In Top Condition? Contact Dr. Maislos

For more information on podiatry issues, contact Dr. Maislos to set up an appointment. The Houston Podiatrist office number is (713) 541-3199.

Houston Foot and Ankle

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