Summer Foot Pain

Now that it’s officially summer in Houston and school is out, many people are enjoying their summer vacations. Lots of opportunities to swim and engage in water activities and the Texas summer heat naturally makes sandals and flip flops a popular footwear choice. However, as a result, the number of foot problems tend to increase during the summer months.

Heel pain

Repetitive stress on the heels and arches without proper cushioning can lead to inflamed heel bones in growing children, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis. Without proper shock absorption in the shoe, the continuous pounding during walking can overstress the structures in the foot, and can cause pain, tenderness, and inflammation.

Arch pain

For people with certain foot structures such as flat feet, it is important to provide enough support. Flip flops are inadequate in structure and support, and lack heel-grounding structures that would minimize stress on the toes and plantar fascia.

The best way to prevent foot pain in the summer is to limit wearing flip flops and alternate them with supportive properly-fitting shoes such as athletic shoes. Especially for those who have flat feet, it is important to have arch supports or custom orthotics to provide the proper functional support necessary to prevent issues like overpronation and bunions. Although sandals can seem like a convenient option in the summer, there are plenty of other comfortable, breathable, and waterproof options that have been approved by the American Podiatric Medicine Association.

If you experience heel pain or any other foot or ankle problem, see a trusted foot care specialist to diagnose and treat your issues. Dr. Gabriel Maislos of Houston Foot & Ankle Care is a board-certified podiatrist who serves patients all across Southwest Houston for all types of podiatric problems such as heel pain, toe deformities, sports injuries, diabetic foot problems, and nerve-related issues like tarsal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Maislos works closely with his patients to come up with individualized treatment plans until patients can restore their foot health. To schedule an appointment or for questions, please contact us or call (713) 541-3199 today!


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