The Giants Player Foot Injury

Pablo Sandoval from the Giants injured his foot running out a ground ball on May 30th, 2013. He has had two MRI scans, the results are still unclear. He has sat out three games since his foot injury, and it appears that the Giants will be without im for another couple of weeks. Pablo Sandoval has been placed on the disabled list.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Henry Schulman, in separate radio appearances on Tuesday team president Larry Baer and general manager Brian Sabean both told their respective hosts that Sandoval has a hairline fracture in his foot, but head trainer Dave Groeschner says that he has no fracture and will clarify his situation during batting practice prior to Tuesday’s game. If you suffer from any foot or heel pain, it is important that you seek a podiatrist, here at Houston Foot and Ankle Care we can diagnose and treat your condition. Too often, people go on with foot pain and they end up doing more damage. At Houston Foot and Ankle Care we treat Achilles tendonitis, ankle instability, painful bunions, diabetic neuropathy, ulcers, and nail fungus.

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