To Your Foot and Ankle Health in the New Year!

At Houston Foot and Ankle Care, our number one priority is taking care of our patients, helping them attain the highest quality of foot and ankle health available to them. We deal with everyday foot care, acute conditions, chronic issues, and everything in between. Our mission is to heal through proven, innovative techniques and exemplary patient care, treating each patient with the utmost respect. We respect their medical issues, as well as their individual concerns, time and desired outcome. Each patient is unique and deserving of our undivided attention, always.

Acute Foot Injuries and Ankle Trauma

Some patients have suffered an acute injury like a sprained ankle or stress fracture that will take them off their feet for a short time, but not interfere with their long-term ability to get back to their normal lifestyle. Many times, these patients are dealing with the frustration of an unexpected problem, and recovery times that will force them to adjust for a period of weeks or months. We advise these patients through the treatment options, providing a complete overview of what they can expect, and what they can do to ensure a successful outcome. With expert care and guidance, these patients get through their healing quickly and we’re all happy when they come in for a final checkup and clearance.

Degenerative Foot conditions and Deformities

Other patients may be plagued by a degenerative, painful condition like bunions, heel spurs, neuromas, or tarsal tunnel syndrome, which may have gone untreated for many years. The individual reaches a point where there is no relief in sight, and they realize they need to consult with a board certified podiatrist in order to see improvement. These conditions typically require corrective surgery, which is also a reason why so many people choose to live with the pain for so long. They may fear the questions surrounding podiatric surgery:

These are big questions regarding any type of medical treatment, especially surgery. If you’re delaying foot or ankle treatment because of these types of worries, we urge you to call our office and talk to us about what you’re experiencing. You can rest assured that we will help guide you in a way that protects your health and provides you with peace of mind at the same time. While surgery may prove to be the best approach, concerns about “open surgery” may be misplaced. Dr. Maislos is one of the few Houston podiatrists who can offer non-invasive procedures as a preferred alternative, including the Tenex Procedureand arthroscopic surgeries that provide excellent results. In any event, there are countless benefits to fixing something that has a medically-proven solution, so why put it off?

Specialized Ongoing Foot Care

Still other patients are dealing with ongoing issues and disease that require regular treatment in order to preserve overall foot and ankle health. This may be due to a disease such as diabetes, which impairs circulation and nerve function, Raynaud’s syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, or even the effects of obesity and aging. These patients may already be working with a medical professional to manage these problems, but must also see a foot care specialist in order keep feet healthy and avoid major complications. For diabetics, this can be the formation of wounds (foot ulcers) that refuse to heal and can lead to severe tissue damage. Even non-diabetics can suffer nerve damage that imparts their ability to know when they have been injured and deal with problems quickly. Our goal in working with these patients is to educate them, and to serve as partners in the long-term foot and ankle care. With regular checkups and timely treatment, we can help these patients experience positive results, maintain mobility over time and often avoid unnecessary medical interventions like surgery, or even amputation.

Your feet and ankles are the foundation for your body. It’s why we are excited to specialize in foot care, and to practice our special expertise day in and day out. We want you to be active, able-bodied and healthy. If you’re dealing with a foot problem or ankle pain, that’s not normal! Call Houston Foot and Ankle Care at (713) 541-3199 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Gabriel Maislos, a double board certified podiatrist and podiatric surgeon, skilled in the latest advancements. Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from being your BEST YOU in 2017…

Happy New Year to you! To your health!

Houston Foot and Ankle

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