Treating Hammer Toe In Children

Hammer toe is a foot deformity that affects the toes and alters their appearance. The condition is usually symptomized by a downward facing, claw-like appearance on one or more toes. The longest toe, usually the second toe is more likely to be affected by it, other toes can also be affected in severe cases.

How to Avoid It

Hammer toes, for the most part can be completely avoided. It is a rarity that all toes are affected at the same time, or people are born with it. Common reasons for hammer toes among children and adults are:


Hammer toes are easy to spot and is readily seen. If the child has a slight limp or has pain when putting on or taking off socks, is using the same pair of shoes for well over a year or is hesitant to wear open toed shoes, it can be because they do not want the toe to be seen. If the toe has already bent downward or has taken a downward pointing V bend, it has to be treated.

Mild cases of child hammer toe can be fixed by physical manipulation and setting on a splinter. More advanced cases may have to be surgically fixed.

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