What is a Bunion and How Can You Treat It?

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A bunion is a deformity in the big toe that results in bone overgrowth on the side of the joint. It is a common condition caused by overpronation of the foot, leading to the big toe deviating towards the other toes, sometimes even overlapping with the second toe. Bunions can cause pain on the side of the foot while walking or exercising, which is often aggravated by tight-fitting or pointed shoes. Bunions may also get swollen and red from friction against footwear.

How is it treated?

If detected early enough when the bunion is mild, treatment may include switching to a shoe that has more room for the toes, cushioning the area of inflammation, or inserting orthotics to prevent further pronation. Applying ice, taking pain medication and cortisone injections may also aid in reducing pain and swelling.

In severe cases, surgery (bunionectomy) may be necessary to realign the joint. A bunionectomy will typically involve cutting and realigning the metatarsal joint. Each bunionectomy will require a specialized plan by an experienced podiatric surgeon who will determine where the cutting of the bone will take place.

Since there are many different kinds of bunionectomies, recovery time can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months and will require physical therapy following a period where the affected foot cannot bear any weight.

Like with any procedure, it is crucial that you have a podiatric surgeon who is experienced, skilled, respected and has the necessary technology to provide the best quality foot care possible. Luckily here at Houston Foot & Ankle Care, we have the expertise of Dr. Gabriel Maislos to diagnose and treat all types of foot and ankle problems. Dr. Maislos prides himself on staying up to date on podiatry issues and technologies and has been treating patients all over the Houston area. Whether you are bothered by a bunion or other issue such as fungal nails, diabetic foot care, or heel pain, Dr. Maislos and his compassionate staff are here to address your concerns! Please contact us or call (713) 541-3199 to make an appointment.



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