What is a Hammertoe and How is it Treated

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On the top and bottom of your toes, there are tendons present. When there is a muscle imbalance in these tendons, a deformity manifests; this deformity is called hammertoe. The deformity can result in problems like: formation of corns on toe top; formation of callouses on the balls of your feet. Hammertoes can be flexible or rigid. In case of the latter, the problem cannot be corrected by simply manipulating your toes. The condition worsens over time. Even if the your hammertoe was initially flexible, not providing the right treatment at the right time can make it rigid.

How is Hammertoe Treated?

There are three different kinds of treatment for hammertoe. These are: preventative, curative, and symptomatic.

  • Preventative treatment: This approach is aimed at dealing with the cause of the problem. A foot insert, called a functional orthotic, may be required. This insert helps to correct certain problems in your feet. Your feet change gradually as you age. The insert, however, may prevent these changes and allow the hammertoe to automatically correct itself, especially if the deformity is still flexible. You will also need to perform calf exercises regularly. These exercises usually help in correcting the muscle imbalance that was initially responsible for causing the deformity.
  • Symptomatic treatment: This approach is for dealing with symptoms. For instance, you may be asked to use open-toed shoes. If you develop corns, then corn removers will be prescribed. Medications are available for dealing with callouses too. However, those suffering from diabetes should be wary of using these medications.
  • Curative treatment: As the name tells you, this approach works to cure the problem. It involves surgery and can be aimed at one or more toes. The greater the number of toes that are dealt with, the longer will be your recovery period. After the surgery, you should try to keep off your feet.

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