What We’re Grateful For…

When Dr. Maislos set out to establish his Houston podiatry practice many years ago, his goal was to bring modern innovation into every aspect of patient treatment, while preserving the time-tested gold standard of patient care that is rarely seen in healthcare today. His passion for correcting foot and ankle disorders has always gone hand-in-hand with getting to know patients, listening to their concerns, and being the best possible medical professional and advisor. By holding true to that vision, Houston Foot and Ankle Care has continued to grow and thrive, and we wanted to express our gratitude to you on this Thanksgiving holiday.

We’re grateful for:

  1. YOU. Our patients are the number one reason we do what we do. You are the reason we have dedicated our lives to podiatry, and we are sincerely thankful to each and every patient who has ever walked (or limped, rolled, or been carried) through our door. Nobody with foot and ankle pain is happy to see a foot doctor, but we thank you for choosing us and allowing us to help you get back on your feet. Medical care should always be about YOU, and our patients – and their treatment – always reinforce our purpose and reward us with fulfillment.
  2. Our Team. We’re a small team, but we think you will agree that we get things done effectively! Every one in our office is a critical part of our success, whether you see them during a visit or not. Professionalism, work ethic, caring, and integrity…these aren’t just words on a motivational poster – they are reflected in the character of every staff member and we wouldn’t settle for less in serving you.
  3. Family. We’re talking about wives, husbands, moms, dads, kids and beyond, of course. The people who support us, motivate us to our very best, and remind us of what’s important in life. You may have a small family, a huge one, or something in between, but you know what we mean.
  4. Friends. We realize that some friends are pretty much “part of the family,” but we value every friendship, as we share moments of this journey through life. Some friends will be with us most of the way, some will pass by in a flash but leave a lasting impression. However, each one gives us a chance to learn something new about ourselves or the world around us.

As you can see, we’re most grateful for PEOPLE in our lives. People come first – they always have and they always will. So if you’re fortunate enough to spend time with friends and family in the coming days, enjoy them. Talk, share, laugh and make plans together. That’s what we’ll be doing.

Thanks, Houston. We hope to continue to serve you for many years to come, and to serve your friends and family as well.

P.S. If you end up with an ankle sprain during the family flag football game, or suffering from a plantar fasciitis flare-up caused by standing in lines on Black Friday, you know where we are. Call (713) 541-3199 to schedule an appointment – we do our best to make same-day and next-day appointments available.

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