William Levy’s Ankle Injury

As if Maria Menounos ankle injury was not enough, there has been another injured soul in Dancing with the Stars.  William Levy tweeted about how he has injured his right ankle while rehearsing and to play it safe, he is most likely going to sit out on tonight’s’ competition. (Unlike his dancing competition, Maria Menounos, who quick-stepped herself through the pain last week)

Just wanted to let you know that I injured my right ankle pretty bad during rehearsal. MRI tomorrow (April 16). I’ll let u all know … Love u all, he wrote.

Ankle sprains are important to treat as soon as possible because they can soon develop into tendonitis, which can involve inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is located on the posterior side of an ankle.  This can be causes by trauma as a result from sports or doing the ‘pasa doble’ in the dance floor.  Tendonitis causes pain, swelling, and tenderness in the tendon area.  Treatment involves NSAIDS to decrease inflammation and even orthopedic casting.  The first step to recuperation would be to have your podiatrist order an MRI to see if there are any rupture of ligaments or tendons.  If tendonitis goes untreated, it can result in rupture or even tearing of the tendon.  If you have experienced ankle pain, do not play it off as a simple issue.  Call your Houston podiatrist at Houston Foot And Ankle Care and schedule your appointment with Dr. Gabriel Maislos.

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