Blisters are bubbles filled with clear liquid that form on the skin, normally caused by friction. Foot blisters are most commonly caused when an area of skin repeatedly rubs against shoes. Toes, heel, and ankles are most likely to form blisters, because they tend to come in contact with rigid edges and seams during movement. The body produces blisters as the skin is ruptured, with the bubble serving as a protective environment for the new skin forming under the injury.

If you suffer from blisters, you can use blister band-aids or pads to protect them and relieve pressure from footwear. Because the fluid inside blisters is sterile, popping or draining a blister is not recommended, as it can lead to infection. If a blister breaks, you can treat it with an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment. If you notice that the blister is filled with blood or pus, or you have pain or fever associated with it, call your podiatrist for an examination.

To prevent foot blisters, pay attention to the socks you wear as well as which types of footwear and activities tend to cause blisters. Socks with heels are recommended, as they accommodate foot movement more naturally, but they should be appropriately sized feet. If you are breaking in new shoes, try to do so slowly, wearing them for short periods of time and building up as they become a little more pliable.

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