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Diabetes mellitus is a high blood glucose disorder. It is a condition that affects the ability of the body to use the energy found in food. It can damage the nerves, eyes, kidneys and the blood vessels. It also reduces the ability of the body to combat infection. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to foot problems. When the nervous system is damaged, a diabetes sufferer may not be able to feel his or her feet. The sweat secretion and oil-producing glands in the skin are damaged. These factors can lead to pressures in the joints and bones of the foot making the skin of the foot break down and develop sores.

Due to the damage to blood vessels and the immune system, it becomes difficult to heal the wounds. This can lead to bacterial infection of the skin, tissues, muscles and the bones. When these happen, it develops into a gangrene. The only treatment for this is amputation of the leg. In cases where the infection enters the bloodstream, it can be life-threatening.

This is why it is necessary to learn how to take care of the feet. Below are ways to do that:

  • Use mild soaps and water to wash the feet and dry it.

  • Inspect the feet daily and search for dry cracked skin, blisters, scratches, cuts, ingrown toenails, corns, etc.

  • Cut the toenails after bathing, when they are soft and tender.

  • Ensure you exercise in comfortable shoes

  • Always wear shoes and socks to protect the feet. Wear shoes that can protect the feet from cold and moisture and avoid shoes with high heels.

  • Wear fitting shoes.

  • Wear shoes that have closed toes and heels, leather uppers with no seams inside and insides that are soft.

  • Report foot injuries such as cuts, bumps, sores and burns immediately to your doctor. Don’t treat it on your own.

  • Allow blood to flow to your feet often by wiggling your toes for 5 minutes, three times a day.

  • Be active. It improves blood flow to your feet.

It is important to be in constant touch with your doctor whenever there is an issue with the feet. It is better to treat diabetic foot early to prevent amputation or life-threatening situations.

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