Hallux Varus


Hallux varus is a deformity of the big toe, where the first metatarsal joint of the big toe bends away from the foot. It is prevalent in third world countries, where people do not wear shoes.

Hallux varus can also be congenital, though there are a number of other factors that may trigger it. For example, hallux varus can be caused by injuries, such as blunt trauma or severe burns that cause the tendons to contract. Some inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis or gout, can lead to hallux varus. Failed bunion surgery can also be a risk factor.

The most common symptom of hallux varus is the appearance of the big toe, which bends away from the foot, pointing toward the opposite foot. It is a painful condition which makes it difficult to wear regular shoes, or to walk or maintain balance normally.

Treatment of hallux varus is based on the cause of the condition. Stretching exercises and splinting of the toe may help. If this treatment fails, surgery may be necessary.

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