A skin lesion is any part of the skin that has undergone a change in color, appearance or textures from normal, surrounding skin. Examples of lesions include freckles, moles, birthmarks, warts, acne, rashes and boils. They can be anywhere on the body, present at birth or later in life, and change over time.

Skin lesions can arise from a disease condition such as Diabetes, as seen with foot ulcers. Immune system disorders can also trigger the appearance of lesions. Individuals with frequent sun exposure can also develop cancerous skin lesions like malignant melanoma.

Most skin lesions are benign (non-cancerous). However, changes in the shape, color, texture,  or size of a lesion should be monitored and reported to your doctor, as this can be a sign that a lesion is becoming a health concern. Your podiatrist can treat skin lesions on the legs and feet, removing any suspicious lesions for your safety.

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