Plantar Fibromas


Plantar fibromas occur when a painful nodule of fibrous tissue forms within the plantar fascia tissue. These growths are benign, and can appear in one or both feet. They typically start small and can measure up to an inch in size. The plantar fibroma itself isn’t painful, but patients experience pain due to the pressure it places on surrounding tissues.

There are many factors that can lead to the plantar fibroma growth. They include underlying factors like genetics, or health issues like diabetes, thyroid disorder, and epilepsy. Other factors like alcohol consumption and medications have also been linked to the development of plantar fibromas. An association between plantar fascia injury and plantar fibromas has also been reported.

Treatment of plantar fibromas is generally focused on relieving the pain and discomfort. Change in footwear to a flatter shoe, the use of toe spacers, steroid injections and stretching the foot are recommended in most cases. If the plantar fibroma is interfering with your normal activities, your podiatric surgeon can remove the growth.

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