Clubfoot is a congenital foot abnormality in which a baby’s foot is twisted out of its normal alignment. The tendons connecting bone and muscle in the foot and ankle are too short, causing the misalignment. A number of potential causes have been linked to clubfoot, including family history, Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), spina bifida, smoking and the use of recreational drugs.

In most cases, the toes will point down and the feet are rotated so that the soles of each foot are facing each other (heels inward). This may range from mild (the foot appears to be perpendicular to the lower leg) to severe (the foot appears to be upside down). About 50% of all children with club foot will have it in both feet.

While there isn’t any pain related to the deformity itself, we recommend early treatment, before your child is able to stand or walk. This can help reduce the risk for potential complications as they grow, including problems with walking normally.